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Do you want your year 10 to start revising now for the science GCSE exams?

Are they revising?

What if you could show them a different way to revise using audio revision that is effective and means they don't have to sit at books for hours on end!

Would you like to show them that with a little
help and structure they can achieve more?
The coaching is a focused training program designed to prepare students for the year 11 by emulating the exam environment and providing valuable feedback.

Participants engage in practice exams, receive expert guidance, and learn proven strategies to boost their performance and confidence.
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Level up their skills
over the coming year

Our expert instructors will guide them through practice exams, provide valuable feedback, and equip them with proven strategies to tackle even the trickiest questions. It's a chance to identify their strengths, address weaknesses, and fine-tune their revision approach.

With our coaching program special offer, they will be armed with the tools and knowledge needed to crush the exams and achieve the results you've all been dreaming of. So gear up, join us, and get ready to level up the revision game like never before!

Sign up now to get instant access to our online resources and the live sessions start in September!

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What parents and students say..

I have achieved more than I thought possible with the support of Science Cafe.

Emily - Student

Science cafe support my children through GCSE and A Level Science. Working with them gave me my relationship back with my daughters.

Claire - Parent

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